I took the picture above while traveling in Portugal during my time working for Guidepost Magazine in Spain. Working in Spain was the first time that I was fully immersed in another culture and only furthered my curiosity in sociology. Being Cuban-American, and raised in both Miami, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia I have always been surrounded and intrigued by different cultures. In college, my Women’s Studies minor gave me an academic understanding of the social issues that I grew up around while my journalism degree taught me the skills to investigate them. My junior year of college I began investigating the illicit massage industry in the U.S. and have since been brought onto the BU Spark! Lab as a research analyst and investigative journalist. I am also currently running the PR and editorial management of The Glow Up Blog, the inclusive beauty blog published by the Slay Beauty Pass app. I enjoy reporting on many subjects from Pride Festivals in Madrid to prostitution laws in Massachusetts, always finding the social justice angle.